Tribute to The Guernica, by P. Picasso.

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This is a little tribute to one of my favorite painters: Pablo R. Picasso.

The Guernica.

This picture, it is very meaningful to me; my father leads me to see it when it arrives Spain in 1981.. it was placed behind an enormous armoured glass to protect him from a possible act of vandalism.

Today, years has gonne, and I have the tradition to visit it every year if  I can, at National Art Museum Reina Sofía in Madrid. (that old horrible armoured glass it is not needed anymore)

It is an enormous picture, and you can stand for minutes in front of, contemplating each datail, each black, grey or white brushtroke.

So this is my humble tribute to it: The peace simbol, The Hurted Horse of The Guernica.

A Needle felted Brooch. Beautiful and original, and a nice Simbol.

felted art horse brooch

May be my next project will be The Bull (El Toro) of the same picture. It is just needed…


One thought on “Tribute to The Guernica, by P. Picasso.

    minzooneedlefelting responded:
    2015-02-25 at 11:43 pm

    OOps!!! This is just sold today. !!


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