Andalusian Horse. Pura Raza Español (P.R.E.)

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andalusian felted horse caballo andaluz fieltro caballo español fieltro minzoo needle horse andalusian

And here he is now. This an Andalusian grey horse.. in Spanish, this type of coat is called “tordo rodado” due to his rounded dark marks. They are the “mother” of the white Lippizan horses  used at Escuela de Arte Ecuestre de Viena..

Did you know?

– Male Andalusian horses  allows to accumulate  fat in the neck, and if this fat is excessive, the mane zone falls down to the side of neck, then it is said they have “gato”, and there is a non desirable condition at shows, and not reproductive schedule given.


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    Darlen Carey said:
    2018-01-02 at 3:51 pm

    So beautiful

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