The Indian Horse, war painted pony.

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Finished today.. this Indian Horse is decorated with war paintings. Hope you enjoy.

Meaning of Horse War Paint Colors 
There were so many tribes of Native American Indians it is only possible to generalise the most common meanings of the colors and patterns of Horse War Paint, Body Paint or Face Paint.

  • Red Color Symbolised war, blood, strength, energy and power
  • Black was used to symbolize victory and might be applied to the horse before returning home to the camp
  • White Color Symbolised mourning but might also mean peace
  • Blue Color Symbolised wisdom and confidence
  • Yellow Color Symbolised the color of death. Yellow indicated that the wearer and horse were brave and were willing to fight to the death
  • Green Color Symbolised endurance, and is seen as a great healing power and believed to improve vision – green circles might be painted around the eyes of a horse
  • Purple color symbolised power, mystery and magic

You can see more information about the meanings of horses war paint here.

indian horse felted indian war horse war horse by minzoo war pinto pony minzoo


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