A new project.

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Yes.. now I have some quiet, after the busy season for Mother’s Day gifts.. it is been so exciting, I have had so nice commisions, that allows me to know incredibly charming persons from all over the world, and a new thrillig feeling, cause I had two pieces now in.. Australia!!

These days I’m finishing a very specia commision; a Haflinger who promises to be soooo beauty.. just wait yo see very soon.

And now my project on the way is something I was carriying on my mind from months.. An AKHAL-TEKE GOLDEN HORSE.

To do so, I experimenting new techniques from my own, cause this will be a horse, completly covered with silk. Yes golden silk. Pure silk and he is going to shine as a golden sun. Silk is no feltable at all… and that’s my challenge. I can’t wait to start all process… I see it in my mind finished.. and I think it is going to me the most amazing piece I’ve created till now.


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