Why I’m not a bunny maker.

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I meant, it would be very rare if I see myself creating “lovely” creatures. I really love all those mice, bunnies, sweet kitties, all those smiling animals, they are all cool and sweet. But I fund “cool and sweet” so overrated today.

Cause in fact, animal reality is no cool, is not sweet, is not nice. They fight for their lives as we do, every day. They fight against the nature of their own being trying to eat and not be eated, and against the human being intromission in their lifes; we hurt them, we kill them just for fun, incarcerate them, torture them every minute a day… we erase them from Earth face..

So animals are just as happy as their day a day allows them to be.

So my pieces, I try them to look “real” to catch the intensity of their look during a second, and all of this, with the intention to insufflate on them my own personal style. I create tributes to my animal brothers, and nothing else.

Animals did not debit anything to us. Even they don’t need us at all.

By the contrary, we would to be grateful to have them as a travel mates during this short trip life is. Because we do need them all to feel alive ourselves. .. cause nothing will never ever replace, the thrilling of a horse free gallop spectacle.


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