Here I am again (short rainy holidays)

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Yes… I went for sun, beach sand and fishing days… and… TONS OF WATER only… rain and rain, wind and everything but good weather…  but I’ve enjoy of some relax… ouch!!

Before my depart, the dark chesnut Morgan was finished, so I hope to take the pics and listing it very soon.

And  yes: during my “promenades” by the sea shore (well wrapped up, of course) I work in picking a good bunch of multicolored sea glass.. and weird and crazy ideas comes to my mind… so let’s see in what all this stuff is going to turn into..

North of Spain is sooo beautiful. you can lay on the beach sands below oak trees, listening to the waves’ soft babbling and the birds’ love songs… the celtic part of Spain is plenty of green fresh landscapes but…. it rains 200 days per year!!…

the unique day I could lay for a while on the beach....
the unique day I could lay for a while on the beach….

Here I let you some pics of this mini-trip: This is Pontevedra’s fiord, in Galicia, North-West Spain.20150611_105943 20150612_113946 20150612_114413

20150609_215141LOL I know for most of you non-spanish readers, this pic will sounds very scary… but I can tell you, there is nothing as 20150612_114056delicious as grilled octopus in Galicia way… 😉


2 thoughts on “Here I am again (short rainy holidays)

    Mojcaj said:
    2015-06-14 at 9:12 am

    Looks beautiful, must to visit!


      minzooneedlefelting responded:
      2015-06-14 at 1:19 pm

      yesss so beautiful.. is just like Ireland, there are enormous fiords, called “rías” and they breed mussels from platafroms there. Is a land of witches and tales.. and their music is played with pipes (in fact, the same roots they have in common with irish and scots…


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