THE DON QUIJOTE DOG: THE SPANISH GREYHOUND (A tradition of animal abuse in Spain)

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——–This is my tribute to this autoctone Spanish breed.————

This beautiful, noble and gentle dog, is maybe one of the poorly rewarded animal on earth.
Every year, THOUSANDS of greyhounds are abandoned, tortured, abused, even hanged from trees till die, when the hunting season finished.
They are used here just for hare hunting, a deep tradition in center and south Spain.

felted greyhound dog
Felted Spanish Greyhound, the fallen quiet hero.

felted dog greyhound by minzoo

Lots of them are stolen from breeders, just for earn money been sold to unscrupulous hunters, that kill them when they are just no useful anymore each season.

And thousands of them getting wild abandoned, breeds free, and the puppies simply dies by infections or ends their days in dog pounds.

There are lots of animal rescue volunteers who every year take care of them, and found some solution sending greyhounds to international adoptesr all over the world, specially Germany and France, where they find a lovely owners and a second chance for living.

Each time you see here a family with a beautiful greyhound in towns as pet, he just has been adopted, and sure the owner could tell you about the terrible storie behind his dog.

This is a very quiet dog, rerely barks, and its fidelity to owner is well known.
The Don Quijote’s greyhound, finds in Spain the same lack of appreciation D. Alonso Quijano found in his life.

She is 16cm tall (6,30inches)
Available at my Etsi Shop now.
Minzoo Needle Felting 2015.


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