I came home from Rome and Firenza..

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Yes.. at home again. During my trip, I’ve taken some supplies with me; and while I was lying in that beautiful garden, just with my feet into the pool (all for me alone) I’ve felted this Grizzly Bear. So this is my Grizzly born at Rome!!

oso pardo escultura

I’ve enjoyed this little vacation.. Italy is so beautiful, and everything looks a bit like here in Spain, so I was feeling like at home, but people speaking italian what is not a big problem.

Beautifuñ Anzio too, at the Mediterraneo shore, where we had tasted some fish dishes, really tasty.



Il Duomo simply amazed me. Ponte Vecchio was beautiful.. but with thousands of people does not look something special to me.. perhaps because I have had a more medieval image in  mind..  but all the bridges over the Arno river was a beautiful landscape.

The Vaticano huge and beautiful, I loved to see La Pieta de Michelangelo: simply thrilling.. you feel something special while watching it… mystic.

I must return to Italy. For sure!!



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