Common Tern (Charrán Común) Life sized sculpture.

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This is another guy that will be very hard to rid of. When I suddenly find that inspiration that makes me to take the needles and start something to work tirelessy on it  till I see it finished, it’s a signal of a really special piece has been born.

needle felted tern bird.jpg

Birds looks like easy pieces, but they aren’t, since you have only a very few parameters to give them “soul”; no fur, no theet and no facial expression like mammals have, so you must to find that delicate shapes that are the “quiz” for a lifelike feeling. The distance between eyes and beak, the curve of the head, and all the body proportions with mathematic precision… and all this, just with my eyes, they watch and send to my hands the order they need. This process will be always the great mystery to me.

It reminds me “Kika” the Magpie.. hard to see her go of, but a “mom’s pride” feeling too.. This is the sense of Art, actually.

common stern art sculpture.jpg



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