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Did you know how RATS can be Heroes?

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Yes. There is a place where rats are heroes actually.

They save hundreds of human lifes a month. I’ve discover them looking for some mice care information through the net for a new home mate: our little mice “Mus-Mus”.

The idea looks so great, that I decide collaborate with them, and I’ve been volunteer for a year, helping the organization with Spanish translations.

Now I going to collaborate again. I will donate one of my Felted pieces, made exclusively for them, to collect some money for their target: to keep on training sweet Hero Rats to avoid mines in Africa and Asia, as well as tuberculosis detecting.

Do you want to find out more? Visit their page, it is an amazing job.


Tribute to The Guernica, by P. Picasso.

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This is a little tribute to one of my favorite painters: Pablo R. Picasso.

The Guernica.

This picture, it is very meaningful to me; my father leads me to see it when it arrives Spain in 1981.. it was placed behind an enormous armoured glass to protect him from a possible act of vandalism.

Today, years has gonne, and I have the tradition to visit it every year if  I can, at National Art Museum Reina Sofía in Madrid. (that old horrible armoured glass it is not needed anymore)

It is an enormous picture, and you can stand for minutes in front of, contemplating each datail, each black, grey or white brushtroke.

So this is my humble tribute to it: The peace simbol, The Hurted Horse of The Guernica.

A Needle felted Brooch. Beautiful and original, and a nice Simbol.

felted art horse brooch

May be my next project will be The Bull (El Toro) of the same picture. It is just needed…

And now you can see him just born!

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It seems to start galloping isn't it?
It seems to start galloping isn’t it?

Yesterday show you how confussing an image could be around this art; Well, now I let you images of the final result:

A Blue Roan Apaloosa Stallion, with his custom made Sash and halter… look the difference..

apaloosa roan blue roan apaloosa minzoo horse roan roan felted apaloosa roan horse by minzoo

WORKING HARD; A new project on the way.

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I love this part of the creative process; if you look at it, sure you can’t see anything interesting… but in my mind I’m seeing exactly which is going to be the result.

This is a Blue Roan Apaloosa Horse that finally finished just today; I’ve been working on it for three days, altogether around eleven hours of work. My neck just tell me when I must stop.. I use to suffer hard pain on it when I’m concentred felting too much time in a row…

I use only wire (pipe cleaners) for legs… never include wire inside neither of my pieces. I use to do it when I was a beginner… But I think, needle felting must to be that: FELT, that is to say WOOL and nothing more. It is my point of view…

20150214_175153 20150214_175224

Same Shire… improved pics and new halter set by Mojca.

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Shire by Minzoo
Looks great.. I love him.. Mojca did it, I wish more good collaboration in the future!

felted horse draft minzoo felted shire halter halter shire felted shire horse felted

White Storks here all winter…

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Except from August to November.. our couple use to be here all the year.

I want make my own tribute to them, felting “Claro de Luna” Mrs. White Stork.

This is where they live (I can see it from my window every morning) They are very in love one to each other… I wish all of us could take as beautyful relationship as they got.

My village Church, and our storks's nests
My village Church, and our storks’s nests

white stork minzoo

Here it is at last!!

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Collaborating with some Etsy fellows… this is incredible beauty and sweet: little, very little “dresses” for my beloved Felting Horses…

It arrives today.. look what perfect care on envelopes and presentation… love it!

Thanks Maestozo!!