felted horse


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I’ve felted this guy, with its characteristic mouse-dun coat, and the ancient marks.

The alpaca mane has that reddish reflex like sun burned real hairs.  This a very interesting semi-feral breed, unique from Poland.

At this moment, it is available at my Etsy shop.


Clydesdale Horse and tack.

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I’m very proud of our colaborative work. This is my Clydesdale draft horse, with the incredible detailed handmade tack, created by Mojca. When we combine our respective art togheter, I think pictures speaks for itselves.

Clydesdale Horse.

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This Big (22cm tall) Clydesdale Horse is finished, and waiting for the amazing draft tack my friend Mojca is now working on. For sure it will be as amazing and detailed as her work always is. Meanwhile, I let you here some pics of this horse. He has no armature inside, except at legs to give him a strong and natural standing.

clydesdale head

Epo, Fairy of Ponies.

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This is my first attempt to “human” shapes. The wings, transparent and soft texturized, are made of my own technique, I’ve experimenting with for days.

This is one of my largest sculptures; around 10inches tall…

Hope you like her.. and his Magical Pony Filloah!!

Available now at my Etsy shop

“Angel” the winged horse.

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Suddenly, I found myself creating a pair of wings.. and it leads me to create this fantasy angel horse, and I love it! someone told me “maybe is about Peace”.. who knows.. here it is..

Mojca did it again. The American Quarter Horse, finished with his hackemore.

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She always creates the most beautiful complements for my horses. This time, this sash and a leather hackemore in blue with beautiful details in silver tin. Western style.hackemorehorse


Me and my little finished friend.

American Quarter Horse . BUCKSKIN

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This horse is finished but he is waiting for his beautiful custom western style hackemore, my friend Mo is creating exclusively for him. I will post the definitive pictures when ready.american quarter needle felting horse quarter quarter buckskin buckskin horse quarter horse felted qh