needle felting horse

Happy New year in a prehistoric way.

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The first piece for this 2018 is in fact the second one made (after the Dawn Horse) to this new series :”Horse Evolution” wich will hold five pieces: Hyracoterium, Mesohippus , Miohippus, Merychippus and Pliohippus .. This new piece is available at my Shop now.

equine evolution miohippus

This prehistoric fiver began some weeks ago, when I felt the irresistible desire to abandone any kind of wool fiber and just take some velvet clay (that amazing material I still don’t know what it really is) and inspired from I don’t know what, one of the biggest flying creatures that has ever lived on earth, whispered to my brain “please give me a try”. So there I went to create this Quetzalcoatlus, which I perfectly knew would be the perfect Christmas gift to my dear friend Mo…

(This is an unique sculpture and it’s not available for sale)

Hope you like it as she (and I) did.
quetzalcoatlus sculpture

      .. But the best is .. I love to create prehistoric creatures, it’s just cause I feel in absolutely freedom to recreate a “new” creature based on the existing cues; I just take the shapes from the real skeletal structures, and then the rest is all fun: colors, textures, personalities, and even some “gadgets” are just waiting on my imagination to give this ancient guys their prehistoric outfit!!!pterodactylus sculpture

quetzalcoatlus by minzoo



Clydesdale Horse.

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This Big (22cm tall) Clydesdale Horse is finished, and waiting for the amazing draft tack my friend Mojca is now working on. For sure it will be as amazing and detailed as her work always is. Meanwhile, I let you here some pics of this horse. He has no armature inside, except at legs to give him a strong and natural standing.

clydesdale head

“Angel” the winged horse.

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Suddenly, I found myself creating a pair of wings.. and it leads me to create this fantasy angel horse, and I love it! someone told me “maybe is about Peace”.. who knows.. here it is..


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With the amazing and realistic dressage double briddle, custom made from my fellow artist Mojca

, from Slovenia, this felted sculpture, has been an honor and pride to me to create. My grateful to Mojca, and the real owner of the real Fuego XII, Mr. Miguel Angel de Cárdenas for his kind collaboration allowing me to create this piece of art.


“CIRCUS”.. for those who still works in hard conditions for human avarice.

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He is dressed in a circus style. But he does not work in it.

He’s a tribute of all those elephants, whales, dogs, cats, bears, horses, monkeys, tigers, lions…. who works for humans with their heavy work. and painful training, to do no natural tricks to delight another humans.

I don’t like circus neither zoos; animal explotation for money must dissapear as soon as possible.

circus by minzoo horses needle felted black horse white mane tail horse white mane horse

Mojca did it again. The American Quarter Horse, finished with his hackemore.

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She always creates the most beautiful complements for my horses. This time, this sash and a leather hackemore in blue with beautiful details in silver tin. Western style.hackemorehorse


Me and my little finished friend.