needle felting

Common Kingfisher, the lighting-bird.

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I’ve sculpted the trunk with light clay to give a beautiful stand place to this little friend. A little portion of nature inside my home..

Now available at my Etsy shop.


“CIRCUS”.. for those who still works in hard conditions for human avarice.

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He is dressed in a circus style. But he does not work in it.

He’s a tribute of all those elephants, whales, dogs, cats, bears, horses, monkeys, tigers, lions…. who works for humans with their heavy work. and painful training, to do no natural tricks to delight another humans.

I don’t like circus neither zoos; animal explotation for money must dissapear as soon as possible.

circus by minzoo horses needle felted black horse white mane tail horse white mane horse

The American Morgan Horse. (sold)

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morgan head felted minzoofelted horse morganmorgan minzoo horseneedle felted horse morgan