My new family (herd) member..

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Yes it’s been some long time without posting anything new; you could think something bad has happened; not at all, but thanks for your care ❤

What has happend is just I’m currently full of work (what is nice) some health issues (not so nice but  fortunately it has not been anything serious) AND the best part of all, I have now another family (or maybe herd) member and he requires a good part of my daily time.

Introducing you my boy “Hopi”; he is a OTTB five years old gelding, and belive me, he is the most beautiful, kind, intelligent and lovely boy you could find (mom’s love??)

My beautful Hopi and me.


Serval Wild Cat

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I’m very sorry for not updated this before; Holiday season has been (and is) very busy since October. I would like to introduce my most recently piece; The Serval Cat. You can see it also at my shop, now available.

Merry Christmas to you all!!


“Baroque”, the Stallion.

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I’ve used the same technique used for my Fuego de Cárdenas to create this Andalusian Stallion, with the feeling of Velazquez paints. This is my last free minded work surely till January, now it’s time to work hard to honor my commissioned works.

Available by now at my Etsy shop.

The Mississippi Kite, life sized

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Now avilable at my Etsy Shop. Would you want to get it right from me? just contact me!

Made to order tribute..

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….To this lovely American Quarter Horse, sadly passed away. I feel deeply involved in such works, always it touches me..

In loving memory of Beau.


When Bagheera walks around my home..

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Just joking; this is my most recent piece:  a Black Panther, Black Leopard or simply a melanistic Leopard.

His shinny coat has been made covering it fully in Alpaca black wool, with some dark brown transpareces, trying to get a lifelike feeling.

Hope you like it

soft sculpture pantherblack panther headfelted animal leopard

This Border Collie and I, wish you all a HAPPY SUMMER!!

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You can see more pics at my shop !

needle felting dog border collie
Border Collie Needle Felting

border collie sculpture feltingnurse war dog